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ПРОСТОФИЛЯ против мошенников

Пятница, 22.03.2019, 13:58
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Attn: Beneficiary
This is to inform you that your outstanding payment of the sum of Usd $2.5Million has been approved to be paid to you by the ministry of finance.

I bring to your notice that your payment will be paid to you through swiftCard payment instrument ( Atm Master Card).The Atm Master Card is valid for you to make withdrawal of your funds in any Bank or anywhere Atm credit union machine is functionable in the world.You are hereby advised to contact Atm department of ( BOA) Bank Of Africa On the below contact information for the release of the Atm Card.

Contact, Bank of Africa Benin Atm Department Contact person:Issac Isa
Email: beneficaryupdate1@rocketmail.com
Tel. +229 66 044 745

You are hereby advised to contact the above Atm Department of Bank Of Africa For the release of your Atm Master Card.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Cheer Boni.

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