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Job Openings
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Когда 27 марта 2011 в 01:13

We the Daniel Recruiters bring to your notice, to the recent job openings in BLUE-WAY OFFSHORE PLC UNITED KINGDOM.

Blue-way Offshore Plc is committed to a business strategy that focuses on excellence while balancing profits with principles. As such, we require world class talents to Join our truly world-class business.we are an equal opportunity employer that promotes diversity and value differences. Consequently, we employ people of diverse Background Regardless of gender, Race, creed, social and marital status etc.

We have career opportunities for Talented graduates in our:

Information technology,

Gas technicians ,

Engineering site/project manager,

Language translator

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


Human resources,

Company chef,


Communication manager and External relations organizations.

Interested applicants should submit your most current resume via email: daniel-recruiters@inbox.lv stating your current range of skills and Experience with the any of the above mentioned career openings.

Daniel-Recruiters Ltd.

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