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Среда, 20.02.2019, 21:35
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Attention to the owner of this Email address
We are pleased to notify you of your Electronic ward for 2.5, million. Details of your winning prize is as follows;
E-ticket number: 890231AN-333,
Category: A,
Draw: 6756
Amount: 2.5, million Dollars

You are required to establish contact with your claims agent via e-mail with the particulars presented below:

Contact: Mr. Leon Becker
Phone: +31 61 979 8868
Email: claimrepleonbecker@yahoo.cn

In line with the governing rules of claim, you are requested to furnish
Mr. Becker With the following information:

1. Full name... 2. Address.... 3. Occupation... 4. Tel/Fax.... 5.
Cell/Mobile.... 6. Age... 7.. Winning Ref Number...........

NOTE: You are expected to contact the Enquiry Officer for details of claims.

Mr. Pang Shek.
Promotions Co-ordinator.

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