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Среда, 20.02.2019, 21:34
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Notify me please
Eng.Martins Akosombo.
Ministry of Energy.
Plot 2008 Castle Road.
Osu, Accra Ghana.

I am Engineer Martins Akosombo, a Director of the Contracts Award and review Department with the Ghana Ministry of energy (M.O.E). I am contacting you for an urgent and important business dealing which will be beneficial to both of us, and with out any risks as regards this would be business dealing, I don't know if I can confide in you, though we may be in two different countries apart, but that is what I actually needed in a partner, someone from a distant place or country, please do revert back to me if you think we can work for the good of both of us in good faith, as that will enable me to let you into the project proper.
Please do send to me your telephone number in your next email, to enable us talk in confidence about this proposal.
Eng.Martins Akosombo

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